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Our affordable housing concept FERROCUBE can be used anywhere for high-quality, low-cost housing.

Students Housing


FERROCUBE provides a high-quality, fast-track solution for overcoming the unique construction challenges presented by student housing on college campuses.

Healthcare and Retirement Complexes

Modular buildings are being widely used to create, urgent care clinics, retirement homes and health care facilities.

Affordable Housing

The demand for affordable  housing is growing. Lower costs and quick turnarount

make modular building attractive to developers.  FERROCUBE is an ideal solution for affordable housing.

Remote Locations

In countries in which potential markets may be located far from industrial centers, there can be much higher costs to build a site-built house in a remote area.

Hotel and Leisure

Plug and Play modular buildings provide rapid and cost effective solutions. FERROCUBE provides fast and flexible building systems with attractive designs.

Refugee Shelters

Modular buildings are also beneficial in providing medical and sanitary facilities where time, space, and money are an issue.

Emmergency Accommodation

Buildings manufactured off site immediate response to emmergency accommodation building requirements

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