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What is modular construction?

Modular Construction is a resource-efficient, off-site delivery method to construct buildings in a quality-controlled factory setting, before being transported to site for assembly.

FERROCUBE is a patented building system based on a highly standardized module construction which allows to create an unlimited number of individual solutions. FERROCUBE arrives on the site 90 % complete, and installation is completed within some days.




Fully-automatic manufacturing

The patented system of FERROCUBE is designed for fully automated production, forming the basics for flexible and efficient series production. The entire building services equipment will be installed in production halls. The analogy to the automotive industry shows that a high repetition rate will decrease production costs.

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The application areas of FERROCUBE include building extensions up to multi-storey living and commercial buildings. Modular structures like prefabricated rooms for hotel facilities or temporary shelters are becoming hugely relevant. Designed to custom specifications, our modular buildings can be easily relocated to suit ever changing needs. 

90 % Complete at arrival on site

The modularization will allow unified processes and fully-automatic manufacturing. Controlled conditions guarantee reduction of lead times, optimum efficiency and highest quality. Kitchen and bathrooms can be installed in fully built up modules, which saves time on the construction site.

Smart Investment
Value for Generations

FERROCUBE will keep your project on-time and on-budget. Off-site construction in a controlled factory environment reduces delay from weather and subcontractors.

Industrial production brings predictability and precision to your site work, you can complete your project 50 % faster. That means you can refinance, sell or rent faster.

Modular building concept

The building concepts are based on one standardized module which allows to create an unlimited number of living solutions. There are more than 70 different modul types which get arranged to each other in order to create a variety of individual living space solutions. Flexibility and lots of room for creativity is guaranteed.

We provide increased

The production of moduls is designed for use of different materials. Moduls can be manufactured in lightweight steel construction, but also in wood or concrete. FERROCUBE can be transported from one place to another without having to go through the process of demolition. It is not subject to warping, rot, termites or water damages.

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50 %

Faster than

70 %

Less energy

80 %

Efficiency in

90 %

Complete at arrival on site
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Natural building materials contribute to a healthy living environment, therefore only ecological materials are used. Every single component of the FERROCUBE system has a high recycling rate as well as a lot of reprocessing potential. 

Because fewer ressources are used, the energy consumption is reduced - both during construction and maintenance or during a later dismantling. 


Steel is a mineral construction material and is free from harmful substances. "Upcycling" is created by the re-use of steel, leading to a revaluation of the material. The used plasterboards are chemically neutral and are able to neutralize harmful substances.

Ressource efficiency

In terms of materials efficiency modular houses save more than

80 % in valuable and rare input goods like water and construction sand.


FERROCUBE provides the structural rigidity of concrete at

80 - 90 % less weight. This dramatic overall building weight reduction reduces transportation-costs and harmfull emissions.


Seismic safety

The EU research project ELISSA has investigated how a building with a lightweight steel construction behaves during an earthquake. The result is the following: constructions withstand even shocks of magnitude 6. Thus, human lives could be effectively protected in an emergency.

Fire safety

Well-constructed buildings can help prevent fatal fires by using materials that are fire-resistant. The amount of combustible material in a light steel framed building is much lower than in other forms of construction. Steel and plasterboard are non-combustible. The planking protects the profile from temperature effects and allows them to keep the required duration of protection.



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